Code Triche Armor Battalion: Tank Wars – Ressources GRATUITS ET ILLIMITÉS (ASTUCE)

Luonel Russo

War waging on !
Between the Federation and the Brotherhood, the struggle for resources finally drives the two factions from small skirmishes to total war.
The future of humanity hangs in the balance.

“Heavy Armor Battalion: Tank Wars” is an arcade tank shooter.
In this game, you have the power to steer a whole tank squadron on the battlefield.
Achieve victory by giving your men effective orders, making strategic plans, and calling battlefield supports.

Stay tuned, more content will be added in future updates.
Note: This game only supports devices with a minimum resolution by 800×480
– Costs reduced for purchasing new tanks
– Players now can choose different game difficulties
– Fixed critical hit calculation for armor-piercing shells
– Support Keyboard + Mouse as input
– Auto Mode for “Golden Stag”

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