Code Triche Monster Killer – Ressources GRATUITS ET ILLIMITÉS (ASTUCE)

Luonel Russo

The world needs a hero that can fight back the monsters that have been surfacing all over the islands. Use weapons and the surrounding world to your advantage in your quest.
Le monde a besoin d’un héros capable de lutter contre les monstres qui ont fait surface dans toutes les îles. Utilisez les armes et le monde qui vous entoure à votre avantage dans votre quête.
This is about to be the first release version.
It only lacks some touch ups like the app icon.
The fires have been fixed so that shooting a grenade no longer can start multiple fires in the same coordinates.
The drawing of fires and poison has been fixed so that they will no longer be drawn on top of the player or the monsters in any situation.
The mystery items have random locations and the quantity of different types has been fixed to:
4 poison packs, 1 first aid kit, 10 grenades

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