Code Triche My Pet Village – Ressources GRATUITS ET ILLIMITÉS (ASTUCE)

Luonel Russo

In a beatiful village with a view of the blue sea,
run your own café with cute and lovely pets!
You can also upgrade and enhance your village!

[Game Features]

★★ Café management with cute pets ★★

Adopt pets like Welsh Corgi puppies, American shorthair cats and lob eared rabbits!
They will go on errands for you, and perform tricks to take special orders from customers!
Take care of your pets, dye your pets’ hair, go on walks together, and explore together!

★★ Fun interactions with unique customers ★★

Make village people into your regular customers, including the barber, fruit shop owner, magician and flower shop lady!
Interesting stories related to your unique regular customers.
Accumulate your affinity point to receive special presents from your customers!

★★ Trade, advertise, cooporate, and compete with other users for more fun ★★

Buy and sell items with other users through the trading board and catalogue!
Manage your café and village more efficiently by helping each other.
Participate in new events every week and get pretty items. You can also take on the challenge to become the top of the rank.

[System Requirements]
Minimum OS Version : Android 4.1, Memory 1G

[Game Inquiry]
Official fanpage :

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