Code Triche Numeral Lord – Ressources GRATUITS ET ILLIMITÉS (ASTUCE)

Luonel Russo

Expand your territory and defeat all your opponents.
The more opponents, the higher the score.
Use counterattack and siege to gain advantage.
Need some luck, but more need strategy.
Développez votre territoire et battez tous vos adversaires.
Plus il y a d’adversaires, plus le score est élevé.
Utilisez la contre-attaque et le siège pour gagner un avantage.
Besoin de chance, mais plus besoin de stratégie.
During the battle, if the computer AI can occupy a stronghold, it will occupy the stronghold first.
Completed the editor’s sound effects during editing.
Slightly enhanced the sharpness of the game screen.
Battle default lens distance increased from 15 to 18 (default vision slightly increased)

Fixed an issue where 120-star achievement in challenge mode could not be completed.

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